Top 10 salons in London

Is it that your Skin has started appearing somewhat comatose and worn-out? Or possibly you’re getting more and more alarmed by the symbols of ageing? However, there’s no need to be concerned as there are several salons that present various treatments that are going to leave you with a fresh and healthy feeling, and with lessened lines.

Regardless of you choosing Hialurox for profound moisturisation and lessening of the surfacing of creases, microdermabrasion for doing away with old, spoiled skin /IPL photo upgrading, you can stay assured of being in the safest of hands when you’re with the staff of Silky Smooth Beauty in Fulham. This is amongst the 10 leading salons in London.

The treatments that are offered at the Top 10 salons in London, among which is Silky Smooth Beauty in Fulham, for rejuvenation of skin are what we discuss below.

A Lift

This happens to be a rather efficient, anti-ageing facial cure that makes use of the most up-to-date technology for delivering confirmed general skin health effects. This functions by the use of nanocurrents, which is an electro-stimulation having such minuscule wavelengths that aren’t feelable, for re-energization of the cells of your face and neck.

It upholds enhanced circulation as well as lymphatic drainage, fights against fin lines and creases and visibly makes skin complexion better.

In the greater number of the Top 10 salons in London a single lift costs you £25.00 with six and ten lifts costing you £125.00 and £200.00 respectively.

Under this category you also get the Signature Facial, the Supercharger, and also the Facial Upgrade. The Signature Facial of 60 minutes is offered in a single, six, and ten courses and they cost £45.00, £225.00, and £360.00 respectively. The Supercharger of 90 minutes is offered in a single, six, and ten courses and they cost £60.00, £300, and £480 respectively. And for the Facial Upgrade you have to shell out £20.00.


The top secret of this system is the specialized Hyaluronic Acid gel, within nanospheres. The grouping of icy laser & Hialurox gel lends the treatment uniqueness, by letting Hyaluronic Acid enter the deepest skin layer, presenting the required moisture precisely where it’s required the most. This cause revamp and refurbishment of skin sponge tissue by letting it foster and stimulate it from inside.

Hialurox plays a key part in the improvement of the look of wrinkles as well as fine lines. This treatment at this salon commences from £125.00. This treatment is offered as a solitary treatment and as a course if six.

Oxygen Therapy

This is the name given to a powerful rejuvenating healing for the plumping and replenishment of the skin by the use of oxygen.

At this salon this treatment commences from £50.00.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

This offers a profound skin exfoliation and goes on to soothingly do away with the lifeless skin cells ahead of proceeding with the stimulation of facial muscles to offer an instantaneous lift. It helps on making the complexion brighter and making the blemishes smooth. At this salon this treatment commences from £50.00.

There is also the Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Combo that is offered at a rate of £85.00.