What Makes Stationery Papers Elegant And Stylish

Stationery papers have been used for several decades. In the early decades, stationery papers were only exclusive to the wealthy and noble community. Some stationery papers were even privately manufactured for distinguished and prominent individuals. Though there were commercialized stationery papers, they were limited and far expensive compared to the stationery papers today. Stationery papers are specially designed with elegance and style. For this very reason, many members of the high ranking society would prefer them over ordinary papers. So what makes stationery papers elegant and stylish?Stationery-Set-TBrown Here are some distinct features in stationery papers which are rarely found on ordinary papers.

  1. Color – Ordinary papers often come in white or light brown. On the other hand, stationery papers come in many different colors. Some are in a single color while others have multiple colors combined. Most stationery papers are also light-colored. Some members of the royal family would use a stationery paper with a color that pertains to royalty.
  2. Sizes – Though ordinary papers also come in different sizes, stationery papers have more sizes available in the market. They comes from the smallest sticky notes to the largest size for writing letters.
  3. Purpose – Unlike ordinary papers which are often used for informal writing or regular printing, stationery papers are used for many formal printing like certification, titles and awards. It is also used to write formal letters by professors and other distinguished practitioners of different trades. Royalties would also use stationery papers to write letters to other members of the royalty whether for legal purposes or personal use.
  4. Design – The designs in the stationery papers are hundreds if not thousands. Some of these designs are exclusive for an organization or a wealthy individual. Others are manufactured for commercial distribution. These designs are obtained using different kinds of techniques aside from digital printing. The commonly used techniques are embossing, engraving, letterpress printing and thermographic printing. These techniques are also the major factor which contribute in making stationer papers elegant and stylish.

Though there are many people nowadays who prefer to use online communication such as mobile phones and internet, stationeries are still widely used due to their elegant and stylish designs. There are even private collectors who simply collect different stationeries with all kinds of colors and designs. Teenage girls would also make stationeries as their primary choice of paper when writing love letters. The internet technology has also contributed in making stationery papers more available in the market and less expensive, So if you want to write something with elegance and style, stationery papers is the way to go.

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