Comparing Poses Between Men And Women In A Photo Booth

Christmas is coming and hiring a photo booth is a hit for all ages and genders. Couples, friends and colleagues use photo booths to have fun and get a remembrance of their day, whether it’s a christmas work party or a family christmas party. It’s always funny how you always see the same poses, especially between genders.

  1. Charlie’s Angels – This pose is very famous and most women copy this pose even if they don’t have the exact number. Even twos or several ladies still do this pose and it will always create a buzz once posted in the social networking sites.
  2. Supermodels – Most women admire supermodels and they sometimes mimic their poses. It is a great pose for women to try once just to experience how supermodels feel while they are in a photo session. Some aspiring models would also use different supermodel poses to practice for their audition. A photo booth is a great way to practice especially if you don’t have a camera or someone to take the pictures.
  3. Kiss the bride- Though this picture is often seen during wedding ceremonies done by the bridesmaids to the bride, female friends would often copy this pose while inside the photo booth. They sometimes take turns being the bride sandwich by the other two ladies.


  1. Flex the muscles – Men would always love to show their muscles even in photos. They show the fruit of their hard work and many hours spent in the gym. However, it is not only men with big muscles who perform this pose. Even men with very little muscles or chubby ones would still do this pose in the photo booth for the sake of fun.
  2. Fake Fight – Men love fights. And doing a fake fight pose is a cool way to do inside the photo booth. Copying the great scenes from boxing or mix martial arts is pose often used by men.
  3. Be cool – Men always love to act cool even in pictures. You can always find men doing cool poses whenever they’re inside the photo booth.
  4. Prefight – In prefights and weigh in, fighters would stare each other and sometimes touch head to head. Men will sometimes copy this pose and sometimes one will act a referee between the two fighters.

Whether it is men or women, they have their own poses they do with their friends in the photo booth. If it is your first time hanging out with your friends or family in a photo booth, follow those poses above and your Christmas photobooth will be a blast.

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