How To Design Fashion Leaflets

9187566_origIt’s coming up to Autumn, which means fashion savvy people are probably excited for quarter sales. That also mean shopping centres and other businesses are preparing to distribute leaflets to advertise all products or services promos that they have.

However, just because some product or service is on sale doesn’t mean consumers will easily buy into it. Consumers have becomes smarter than that. But sometimes, knowing the right way to design your fashion leaflets helps lure them into purchasing. Leaflet distribution for it to work, aside from patience and hard work, requires clever designing skills too.

Make Sure The Image Is Attention Grabbing

You know why fashion appeals to people so much? Because it looks gorgeous! So make sure that the image in your leaflet is no less than pretty. Aside from using high quality and professionally shot images only, a leaflet with a glossy finish help make it more appealing to consumers.

Do Not Forget The Key Features

While the image is not enough when it comes to effective leaflet distribution, you should also remember to only include key features. Provide enough information about the product or service that will help customers decide whether to buy or not.

Use Colours That Signify The Season

Colour is a huge part of fashion, aside from that, fashion also follows the color of the season in order to stay in trend. Example: Yellow and orange are summer colors, that’s why you’re more likely to see swimsuits in these bright colors compared to black or gray ones. Therefore, you should also incorporate the color of the season in your leaflet to make it look more current and coordinated.

Be Generous With The Offer

Another reason why people feel compelled to hold on to a leaflet is because of its irresistible offer. Aside from the percentage discount, adding a free delivery or a gift upon ordering in the flyer sure makes it harder to ignore.


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